They are called ST6, meaning seal team 6. The best America has to offer the course of freedom.

These are the men who went after Osama in his high security compound inside Pakistan and delivered their greeting from the free world that no one is above the law no matter what religion you ascribe to.

These men number 2500 in the US military and are trained to keep the peace around the world and prevent men like Osama from ruling supreme. Just over a dozen of them were used in this operation and none were lost after head counts were done. This is except is from the town where this men originated from:

“Discreet pride” is the best way to sum up the mood. Local people are delighted that the men who faced down Bin Laden were from the Seal base at Virginia Beach, but they also understand that absolute secrecy is the foundation of Seal achievements.

The town’s mayor is politely declining interviews – having earlier floated the idea of a public tribute to the special forces. And at the base which is understood to house Team Six, the Military Police were courteous but tight-lipped.

At CP Shuckers, a bustling late-night bar, I heard a surprisingly nuanced range of views on Bin Laden’s death. Everyone welcomed the killing, and many were proud of the local connection. But there was no consensus as to whether the terror threat to America would now ease.

Separately, I spoke to a serving Seal, who did not want to be identified. He was mildly sceptical about the US government’s account of the raid. “I’ll only form a true view on this,” he said, “when I hear about it directly – from the guys who were there.”  [SOURCE BBC VIRGINIA]

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