Assange the much talked about whistle blower who right now has published thousands of US government files on his site “Wikileaks” has initiated a global cyber war which has seen several notable commercial sites shut down. Sites like Visa, PayPal and MasterCard were also hit, I suggest facebook users should beef their security to avoid being victims. The hacking is done in response to hacking done by pro-government hackers around the world.

I believe in freedom of information but I also think it should be used responsibly because many of those spoken about in this leaks are men and women in arms way, and their interest should also be protected. I feel Assange is simply doing this for commercial purposes to attract traffic t o his site.

He should have taken his time to sift through the file to determine which is appropriate for publishing, after all these [men and women in arms] people also have families and loved ones.



About udoyen

I am a science laboratory technologist specializing in the field of biochemistry/chemistry. I evaluate environments and proffering pratical solutions and self improvements strategies. A keen political analyst with special devotion to African and Afro-related international politics.
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