I have studied a bit about soya bean and know vey well that it contains a huge variety of chemicals generally known as phytochemicals. These are known as biological active components of plants, in this case soya bean.

We in Nigeria consume a lot of soya and have been advised to do so since it is cheap source of proteins for us in the “third world”. From my little research I know that soya has a great deal of chemicals that some people react to, although I am no authority on soya plant but I think I should share with all because I also consume these plant seed in my home regularly. According to an article I read soya is no friend when it comes to health benefits, it is known to contain isoflavones, phytic acids ( known as an anti-nutrient compound), hemagglutinin ( known to cause blood clot), e.t.c. It is also linked to hormonal in-balance in laboratory animals which have a close biological system to humans.

Soya bean is also heavily processed with very toxic chemicals such as aluminum, alkaline, acids, and for us Africans who can hardly afford processed soya; these chemicals are extremely hard to remove by cooking as it requires long periods of cooking to do this. It even has a connection  with fertility in humans as it acts in ways similar to estrogen.

I am not an advocate for anti-soya groups but I feel we should take a better look at this crop and weigh the pros and cons.

please kindly refer to the site below for more information.


About udoyen

I am a science laboratory technologist specializing in the field of biochemistry/chemistry. I evaluate environments and proffering pratical solutions and self improvements strategies. A keen political analyst with special devotion to African and Afro-related international politics.
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  1. me says:

    makes me want to drink alchoholic beverages

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