Anger is one of those little accepted part of our very existence, often left at home but carried along the stains where ever we go. One of the singular facts about anger that I had the privilege of discovering quite recently I am afraid. Earlier on in my life I had this very high intolerance for situations I had felt should be given more advanced handling or processing speeds but learnt with time to see things in their true perspective; which was the fact that our own imperfections are the source our anger problems not that of the other party.

If I recall [being a Christian] the scripture that says: as we look to the imperfections of others may we see that ours is much greater and stands in need of amendment (paraphrased). Let me high light this point, say you are angered by the inability of one of your associates or say subordinates to achieve a certain standard in performance, we or you immediately see him/her as being incompetent but fail to see that we or are actually more incompetent than the other person as a result of several facts. The first of this being the fact that we had failed to see the limitations in the other party, the secondly we failed to utilize our expertise in promoting the other parties potentials in achieve the set standards. I have had the opportunity to serve and attend several trainings on the subject and have always come to this realization that we must show our competence or self control by the way we manage our relationships with others through proper anger management.

Some may view this position as totally unacceptable with regards to how such may affect the fortunes of any organization but the fact remains that we can do better without compromising the profits or the mission statement of any body or institution. In control ones anger we will actually be much more focused as to improving the potential of all even our selves.

Let me share another example of anger management and its immediate benefits. Say your in the army and have been posted to a war zone it will be expected of you in all situations to keep your calm while being able to secure victory, irrespective of the behavior of both friend and foe alike; especially your friend. If for instance if  you were to lose your temper with one of  your soldiers then that would affect the outcome of the whole battle but if you were to keep your cool or control your anger then there is that great possibility of encouraging that soldier to perform better and of course saving all in your unit the disaster of defeat and death.

Little issues like these [anger management] make a huge difference in the success rate in whatever field of Endeavour we have chosen, but most importantly it increases our mental capabilities promoting not just the best in our selves but the best in others as we serve them. We must realize we are serving others not our selves and once this is done we would have added a feather to our potential.


About udoyen

I am a science laboratory technologist specializing in the field of biochemistry/chemistry. I evaluate environments and proffering pratical solutions and self improvements strategies. A keen political analyst with special devotion to African and Afro-related international politics.
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