In Africa marriage has been view as the fundamental structure needed to boost the health of all societies and has in all cases received an elevated paramount position in the scheme of things. Today Africa makes its resilient stand against major encroachment into this sacred institution which until date has remained free from unhealthy “western influence.” The view of marriage in the west as often that of a mere cordial relationship between two consenting adults but Africa sees this as a flawed description of a most sacred institution.

In Nigeria where I currently live, the marriage is looked at as the only means to rate all grown or mature men as regards to their social status amongst their peers. All men are expected to prove them selves by their ability to become members of this sacred and exclusive collection of noble gentlemen. It should be noted here that money is not the issue but rather one psychological readiness to take on more responsibilities as is required of members of this elite club.

In Africa, cultural motivations play a most significant part in the position of marriage within the society. Cultural believes of many African nations makes it imperative that marriage remains very important indeed. The culture of many continental Africa has always been a conservative one which has always viewed marriage as the sole responsibility of the conservative ruling class where ever they may be found. African cultural marriage considerations today face so much attack from various anti-marriage establishments as can be seen in the multitude of well sponsored anti-marriage campaigns, whether direct or indirect; which ever may be the case African values are currently under serious attack from every imaginable means.

It is a noticeable fact that any African society which has retained a strong post-colonial link to its former colonial masters has found it extremely difficult to maintain a solid marriage foundation which has translated into a porous moral setting ripe with good examples of every thing that social planning and implementation seeks to do away with. Recently it has been noticed in my opinion that many aid programs have sought to repeal African cultural values and in so doing undermine the traditional institution of marriage in Africa.

Every society can not in my own opinion survive without a strong marriage background, many in the west today put off marriage as an ‘unnecessary evil’ which only put its participants in unjust commitment to a goal that has no basis. The fact remains that we become what we have been taught in our families and no society can grow beyond the level of its marriage institution for it is impossible to give what we do not have.

Looking at the present state of the western society we a similar pattern that runs across most if not all; a pattern laced with troubled individuals who for no reasons immediately available just become violent, but of course the reason are there to see: A society of little emphasis on marriage. Africa has marriage as the last line of defense against falling prey to the ills of a society void of a proper social frame work. The west may be well advanced but I disagree with the opinion that they have it right on the marriage front. Results speak for them selves and will not be fooled by what ever English term that may be used to describe their situation.

Simply put a culture that promotes no marriage promotes no stability.


About udoyen

I am a science laboratory technologist specializing in the field of biochemistry/chemistry. I evaluate environments and proffering pratical solutions and self improvements strategies. A keen political analyst with special devotion to African and Afro-related international politics.
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