A visit to the sites of various news papers reports that Henry Okah the MEND leader is in custody of the South African authorities on suspicion of involvement in the bombings in Abuja. It is claimed that several prominent Nigerians are also involved; worthy of note is IBB’s campaign manager High chief Dokpesi of the news group DAAR COMMUNICATION LTD. He for one was invited by the Nigerian SSS as of which all access to him has been denied as report by his lawyer and colleagues at their campaign office.


The office of the SSS states that their connection lies in several “SMS” received by those in custody at Abuja as of time interrogation. They that this text messages had come in while they in custody….An interesting situation if you ask me.

Some of those alleged to be involved in the plot..”SSS claims these are the master minds…”




The IBB camp is said to be crying foul as a result of the arrest of their campaign leader. They claim that their entitled to the “same rights they denied Nigerians when IBB was in power…isn’t that interesting to hear? Equal rights coming from IBB !

So what do you think was MEND really involved it’s a government frame up as they claim?


About udoyen

I am a science laboratory technologist specializing in the field of biochemistry/chemistry. I evaluate environments and proffering pratical solutions and self improvements strategies. A keen political analyst with special devotion to African and Afro-related international politics.
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