I recently read an article in which a statement was attributed to “former FCT minister” El-rufai. He claims that the government was being soft on MEND and should employ “draconian” tactics to put them out of business or at make weak enough not to bother any one.

While speaking with officials of Vanguard, he made it known that MEND is nothing but a terrorist group and that it should be treated as one. The Government of Nigeria should engage them as it would have done to a terrorist group.

To me it’s not that MEND should be treated as a terrorist but “having the capacity :to “QUALIIFY MEND AS SUCH”’. The Nigerian security apparatus has in my mind always failed to show genuine and authentic “tried and tested or indigenous” methodology in tackling these kinds of threats when they arise. Nigeria has the capacity to brutalize the populace but lacks the means to “win” the “hearts of many” in sustaining their seemingly genuine efforts.


About udoyen

I am a science laboratory technologist specializing in the field of biochemistry/chemistry. I evaluate environments and proffering pratical solutions and self improvements strategies. A keen political analyst with special devotion to African and Afro-related international politics.
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